“Keemah Organic”: Giving your Skin a Magical and Befitting Touch.

To be in vogue and in match with the trails of the trending fashion and beauty context in Nigeria, Anyone who wish to be regarded as the ‘cynosure of all eyes’ must take a very good care of their skin by applying ingredients that will give their body a glowing effect, because the skin is the center – criteria of measuring ones beauty and cuteness.

The rapid crave for adequate skin care to body related issues, calls for the birth of Keemah Organics, A skincare industry saddled with the responsibility of giving the skin a magical touch and human befitting look.

Keemah Organics as a skin care industry, produce sets of chemical – free organic product which specialized in the highly body nourishing coconut oil that makes hair longer and richer, a magical substance that removes stretch marks, pimples, black heads and acne, which doesn’t coagulate in cold weather. Production of Turmeric powder which accurately work as a face masking ingredient, Carrot Oil that lightens your skin gradually, Charcoal Powder that whitens the teeth more, and Black Soap that glow the skin and body with a moderate tone.

Keemah Organics a globally available industry has programmed a swift response platform when contacted on their Instagram page with the IG handle: ‘keemah _organics’ and on the largest chatting network Facebook on the FB handle: ‘Keemah organic skincare’

A 24 years, Penultimate student entrepreneur who studies Agricultural Economics in the Ladoke Akintola Univeristy of Technology (LAUTECH) and the Chief Executive Officer of Keemah Organic Skincare, Miss. Yusuff Hikimat Adedoyin who explained the inspiration behind the establishment of Keemah Organic skincare revealed she started the invention when she was in 200Level and the school had a straight nine months strike.

She narrated that during the strike, she kept herself busy surfing the internet most especially watching YouTube videos on things that has to do with Organic Skin products with no side effect or reaction which she later metamorphosed to practice and come out wonderfully well even beyond her imagination which she was so proud of at the end of the amazing experiment.

Hikmat further narrated the stress she had gone through by delving into researches and observation through rounds of sleepless nights to vindicate her major concern which is to find a lasting solution to the virally marketed production of fake skin product which later result in negative chemical reaction on body of their unlucky consumers.

She further revealed that with the synergic support of her family, friends and the social media, she had been surprisingly able to sell her first sets of products in 2 months, she has been able to meet a lot of people and dignitaries. Her ever – wonderful product have manifested for and have also been able to think about concentrating deeper into more body benefitting plans after she graduated from the techno – university.

Hikmat Adedoyin then enjoins aspiring entrepreneurs who are still ‘holding back’ to take rightful actions and bold steps on their plan, with the act of been focus, consistent, prayerful.

Contact and patronize ‘Keemah Organics’ today and enjoy the feel of been called the definition of beauty.

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